Thursday, December 3, 2009

Time flies when you are a mom of 5 and having fun

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day. The week started with all of us working together starting on to get the house and the feast that followed ready. I love this time of year. Well, really my love starts in the fall. In the South the kick off of the first football it is also a unspoken kick off of the eating season. Tailgate parties, fall festivals, county fairs, trick or treating, Thanksgiving, CHRISTmas and New years. In the south we really do not need a reason to eat, we eat and eat well. Food that involves a a get together is very important. You must get the details ironed out well in advance. If you host you better be ready. I love to host, I am lucky that my husband is so wonderful. He humors me even when I really need to be committed for at least a 24 hour evaluation. We had all of my family over for lunch. We ate and ate and when normal sane people would have stopped we ate again. Christmas decorations are almost up and I am working on cards now. I am going to try to finish up all of the must do CHRISTmas by Monday of this week, I am ready to step back and enjoy the spirit of the season. While I whole support Santa at CHRISTmas, I will teach my children that Jesus is the reason we have CHRISTMAS.

May God bless you in this Holiday season,


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