Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Play

Samuel is in the middle
See that sweet little curly headed angle, don't be fooled!!!! He is mine and I know better :)

Ridley and Chevy are in this one! I am still looking for a good one of Tori :( I will try to post it soon.

Well today I was the mom of Mary, a Shepard and 3 yes, 3 angles. It was a church play and a mom can dream right??? It was the Christmas play. I helped to do the props so my job was pretty easy this year. Each of my children did so well. They really made us proud. Everyone did a great job. Our Joseph was MIA (in 20 inches of snow) so in comes our wonderful pastor, Jamie to save the day. He is so funny, so we all wondered if it was going to be a comedy. But it was great !!! Today was the last big commitment we have till Christmas so now I will maybe, just maybe get things done!!!!
While you are praying please remember our Pastor Jamie and his wife Lori ,they are going into the hospital in the morning to have sweet baby girl #2 :)
Also continue to remember the Raby's the twins. They are making progress everyday, by the hand and grace of GOD.
Merry Christmas to all,

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