Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today is Greys day, sometimes it is the small things

Thursdays are my days to watch my favorite shows. Greys and Private Practice.
I have set some goals for both my self and my family. Mine are health related. I was involved a are head on crash 9 years ago and still have chronic pain. I worked out daily to keep my joints moving but that before life took a detour. Fast forward a year and I have days where I can not walk because of the fibromyalgia. That just does not work for a mom of 5 as well as a wife. So I have started working out again yesterday.

God HAS blessed our family this past year. I know if you look at the calender last year you would see that Aiden died. Yes, that forever changed our world. You can not go to bed one night and wake up the next morning to a baby that went to be with the Lord in his sleep and not be forever changed.

But in this I have learned to lean on God. I have learned that I can survive. I can survive, even when I do not want to, but only with God.

My husband is my rock, he is my best friend and my other half. He is my high school sweet heart. Our children could not be more blessed.

As you go into this season of Thankfulness. Be thankful, take the time to pray about what that really means to you.

Thankfully saved by his grace,


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