Thursday, February 11, 2010

Laundry, dishes....will it ever end?

I look around my house and see a MESS. Yes it is really bad right now. I am going to get that under control this weekend.

I posted earlier about how hard this year has been so far. I have been allowing my children, my house and all the things that I over commit to wear me down. As the days tick on I realize that even in this mess I am blessed. Even in the hard days that have passed and the ones that I know will come. The bible states that mans days are few and full of trouble (Job 14:1). As I watch our friend Lorie wait for word, any word on David. I am thankful that God has given me one more day to have my husband and children.
Those days are never promised, only hoped for, We have plans, plans that are about tomorrow, but it may never come. Does that mean that when I step on that STUPID Lego again, (because those sweet babies are afraid to pick up after themselves)I am gonna be happy.
Short answer is no.
I may even think of dropping them off at Goodwill. Yes, I mean the children. What did the Lego's do wrong? But then the pain will subside and I will realize that those children are an answer to my prayer. They with my husband, who after all these years still makes my heart skip a beat are the very strings that keep my heart together.

My goal this year is to find my joy in the tears, gratefulness in my grumpiness, and to bloom where I am planted.