Sunday, July 11, 2010

Did you drop the vaccume on your toe also daddy?

Yesterday was just one of those days.......

We got up to get the house clean and a few things done before we went to Ridley's baseball tournament. I had a plan. Well as most of my plans go this one fell apart quickly and in a big way. I in an attempt to be through I some how dropped the vacuum on my right foot and broke my big toe (the nail is a lovely shade of black). Man did it hurt. The bad part is two fold, my shoes are limited as to what I can wear and I may have just given my children a reason to NOT vacuum. How could I expect them to use such potentially dangerous item.

Bright spot Ridley won TWO games yesterday!!! We left the games and went for dinner. Kevin has not been feeling well for several days. I knew we had a problem when at the restaurant he said " we need to go now and I may have to go to the ER".

We got as far as the exit of the interstate and went straight to the ER. We was in so much pain it was hurting to breath and his blood pressure was really high.

He is now the proud owner of a kidney stones. One lottery he was not wanting to win.

Today after Kevin took his nap Evan asked Kevin " Daddy do you still hurt? Kevin says, no buddy I am feeling all better. Evan then said did you drop a vacuum on your foot too?" I just laughed. Oh that boy makes me smile!!!!

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